Goal Getters is a not for profit organisation and my pageant platform.  Its aim is to help you take your goals from dreams to reality with actionable steps.  


During the COVID-19 crisis, Goal Getters is providing simple daily goals as part of the Daily Goals Challenge. Its aim is to help you feel productive and have some focus during this crazy time, while hopefully developing some new positive habits, that will later help you with a future big goal.

As part of the Goal Getters mission, I offer free goal-setting workshops that usually last an hour. Obviously right now these are only available as virtual sessions. If you want to arrange a group online workshop then please get in contact by clicking here.

I am also working on a long-form version on the workshop that will go into much more detail and will include a variety of video sessions and PDF downloads. This free online course will be my pageant legacy project and I hope it will help to change the world, one goal at a time. 

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