I'm a #mummaonamission. Mum to one little girl called Felicity, I've decided to follow my pageant dreams. While all the excitement seems to happen on one day there is actually a lot of work that goes into the preparations. I have competed in the Miss category twice before having my daughter and once as a Ms (over 27) so I know the amount of work I am letting myself in for. Like many things in life you get out what you put in, so for me it's important to enjoy the journey. I was very full-on when I competed before, but this time round I'm now a mumma and that changes things. I'm first and foremost a mummy, but that doesn't stop me following my dreams and achieving my goals. I just have to plan things much more carefully. I meet so many mums that delay their dreams for so long because of their kids. Many of them for so long that they never get back to it. That wasn't going to happen to me.

How did I start in pageants?


In 2015 I watched my very first live beauty pageant. Two days later I took to that same stage to compete in my very first beauty pageant. I had zero idea what I was getting myself into. While watching the first crowning, on the first night I cried. I had watched all these wonderful young ladies (via the Facebook group) work so hard in preparation of this moment. I was hooked. I returned the following year and went from a no one, with no clue to a passionate pageant girl. I placed top 10 of over 70 ladies on the night and was blown away. I felt like I was done, to be honest. I knew I would continue to watch, but I wasn't sure I would compete. Between my 1st and 2nd times at Galaxy, I had lost my mum and I needed some time. I joked that I would return when I had a daughter to compete with. At the time believing I couldn't have children. My break from pageants quickly ended and I signed up to compete the following year, thanks in great part to Bella (Miss Galaxy 2016). However, it was not to be, but for all good reasons. A few months after signing up I discovered I was pregnant. 


What does preparing for a pageant mean?


Preparations vary from system to system and what you want to get out of competing. While my overriding goal is to represent the UK at the finals (which means winning the UK title first) a title is not the only thing I want to get out of competing. If that's all you want from competing you will never truly win and you will miss so many good things. I have met some amazing friends, built confidence, learned to dress my body type, improved my interview skills, and much more. I've also raised over £4500 for The Christie Charity and supported many other charities and community events. Charity and community is a big part of it for me. But this took up so much time when I competed before. Then it was time away from the sofa or at worst my other half. Now it would mean time away from my daughter and I am just not game for that. So I will be looking for child-friendly appearances and aiming for one or two big charity events instead of the many smaller ones of the past. 

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This is the YEMI motto and one I have lived by for some time. It really connects with me, especially as a mummy.

Our Platform and Charity

YEMI encourages you to select your own platform and charity close to your heart. These are the two most important areas of pageantry to me. My platform is Goal Getters and my chosen charity is the Samaritans.


The community and sisterhood around YEMI is amazing. I already knew a lot of the Queens and contestants and they all speak so highly of the system. The Queens live and breath the motto and work very hard to inspire the next generation.

There's also loads of little things that align well with me including the international finals being in Texas.